IT Services

Business Continuity

Every business owner knows that their data is critical and cannot be replaced if it’s lost. Most business owners have backups of their data in case there is a fire, theft or cyber attack. But backups are not sufficient protection!
Our industry leading business continuity solution is much more than backup. It is designed to keep your business running, even in the event of a natural disaster, virus, ransomware or catastrophic equipment failure. After a disaster we can get you back up and running, often within minutes, either in your own office or in the cloud.
Human Error
Local Criminal Activity
Hacking / Breaches
Ransomware / Malware

Fully Managed End to End.

EinsITS recognise that any significant disruption to IT networks can cause business operations to come to a halt. With this in mind our industry leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions Fully monitored and managed by EinsITS

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Our Cloud Service Offerings

Hit your top priorities of customer satisfaction and retention as Cloud services add value to the modern enterprise with a drastic digital overhaul. We bring with us a comprehensive cloud portfolio to enable enterprise to realize their short and long term business goals.
Our partnership ecosystem consists of Microsoft and Cisco to ensure we provide the best-in-class Cloud services to experience a smooth digital transition.

Custom Solutions

Cloud-driven migration with a customized industry solution to help you compete better.

Client Engagement

We help you engage customers better with a faster turnaround that creates value.


Enable your enterprise to make smarter moves with cloud-supported innovation that harnesses staff productivity.

Predictable Costing

Control your IT costs by saving huge on massive upfront investment and replace it with predictable cloud costing.

IT Consultants

As a business, following a detailed roadmap and remaining one step ahead of the game is imperative in securing a return on investment. While investing in the latest technology and resources is fantastic for beginning the pathway to growth, without a strategic plan on how you aim to utilise these, the chances of success are somewhat low.
With this in mind, Synapse IT Consultants will spend time understanding your capabilities, working hand-in-hand with management teams to pinpoint ways in which these can be enhanced. Our expert IT consulting services ensure your operations are running efficiently and effectively, creating formulas that help you to meet both short and long-term goals.

The Right Services – The Right Staff – The Right Outcomes

We’re here to help you succeed. That’s the bottom line.

One-time services

EinsITS delivers one-time services to assess, test and improve the protection level of your network, application or another component of the IT environment. This cooperation model may help you to form an opinion on the vendor and decide whether to cooperate with them afterwards.
When getting acquainted with the part of IT environment the customer wants to protect, our security testing team thoroughly studies the details, e.g., gathers and understands the information on software installed on the devices in the network. After that, our security engineers carry out the appropriate cybersecurity services and draw up a report of the achieved results.

Managed services

Opting for specialized managed services (managed vulnerability assessment, managed email security, managed cloud security) means building long-term relationships with one vendor. Once we gather the information on your IT infrastructure in the course of the first project, we can subsequently assess, test or improve your security level spending less time on the project and reducing the costs for you.
To prevent a decrease in the protection of your IT infrastructure elements, EinsITs suggests putting the appropriate services in your list of regular tasks. We have the necessary resources to ensure the compliance with your company’s security needs and regulatory requirements.

Managed IT Security Services

EinsITS provides security services as part of our comprehensive managed IT services for complex IT systems on a remote basis to ensure that our customers stay technologically advanced and protected at the same time. We offer integration, maintenance and ensuring the security on LANs and VPNs, IDSs/IPSs and firewalls, antivirus protection.
Managed IT services by EinsITS backed with 7 years of experience in ITSM span the all-round support for cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructures and include consulting and migration services for proactive IT evolution.