IT Secuirty Services

IT Security Services

EinsITS Security practice offers the insight, expertise, and best practices that are needed to gain self-sufficiency in IT Security. Our technical experts combine skill and real-world experience that aim to help the entire IT organisation establish and manage programmes to address and reduce risks against Digital Information Security, Availability, Performance, and Compliance.
We believe that focused instructions help build competent and dedicated teams with specialised risk management knowledge and skills.

Application Security

Poorly coded and insufficiently protected applications can put a company at risk and result in data breaches. ScienceSoft offers their skills and knowledge in assessing and testing the security of applications (web, mobile, desktop), as well as finding ways to help their customers to achieve the effective protection of the corporate data stored locally or remotely.


Protected Server


Cyber Secuirty


Management Network attack

Cloud security

EinsITS helps their customers to secure their cloud solutions. Being a Microsoft Business Partner, we have the necessary experience to tune special security components, such as Azure Security Center, allowing security management and threat protection across cloud workloads. EinsITS security engineers can apply appropriate cloud security measures and configure cloud protection solutions to ensure your data is protected.

Cyber Secuirty

We offer our customers a variety of cybersecurity services to significantly reduce the number of security weaknesses in web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as in our clients’ networks.Ensure their constant compliance with appropriate regulations and standards. As hackers develop increasingly sophisticated tools to breach a rapidly growing technology landscape, you need a cyber security strategy to defend against a list of threats which evolve quickly.

Fully Managed End to End.

EinsITS recognise that any significant disruption to IT networks can cause business operations to come to a halt. With this in mind our industry leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions Fully monitored and managed by EinsITS

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Network Protection

EinsITS helps corporate network security specifically, you may decrease the risk of becoming the victim of privacy spoofing, identity or company’s proprietary information theft, Man-in-the-Middle and DDoS attacks.
We apply multiple defense layers to protect your corporate network and the sensitive data stored within it. ScienceSoft’s security engineers know various ways to keep your proprietary information safe and reduce the probability that you will have to experience successful attack attempts against your network.

Assessment & Planning

EinsIT security experts will consult you on the possible ways of monitoring the robustness of your cyberenvironment against security threats, detecting vulnerabilities in your network or apps, improving the performance of your information security solutions, and ensuring the protection of your sensitive data.
We uncover security loopholes in the components of our customers’ IT environments. ScienceSoft’s security team carefully checks the protection level of your IT infrastructure and defines measures to reduce the number of security weaknesses inside your network and apps.

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Take the EinsITS approach to cyber security and protect your business continuity.

One-time services

EinsITS delivers one-time services to assess, test and improve the protection level of your network, application or another component of the IT environment. This cooperation model may help you to form an opinion on the vendor and decide whether to cooperate with them afterwards.
When getting acquainted with the part of IT environment the customer wants to protect, our security testing team thoroughly studies the details, e.g., gathers and understands the information on software installed on the devices in the network. After that, our security engineers carry out the appropriate cybersecurity services and draw up a report of the achieved results.

Managed services

Opting for specialized managed services (managed vulnerability assessment, managed email security, managed cloud security) means building long-term relationships with one vendor. Once we gather the information on your IT infrastructure in the course of the first project, we can subsequently assess, test or improve your security level spending less time on the project and reducing the costs for you.
To prevent a decrease in the protection of your IT infrastructure elements, EinsITs suggests putting the appropriate services in your list of regular tasks. We have the necessary resources to ensure the compliance with your company’s security needs and regulatory requirements.

Managed IT Security Services

EinsITS provides security services as part of our comprehensive managed IT services for complex IT systems on a remote basis to ensure that our customers stay technologically advanced and protected at the same time. We offer integration, maintenance and ensuring the security on LANs and VPNs, IDSs/IPSs and firewalls, antivirus protection.
Managed IT services by EinsITS backed with 7 years of experience in ITSM span the all-round support for cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructures and include consulting and migration services for proactive IT evolution.