EinsITS are proud to provide a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses with a full range of IT services particularly those organisations who wish to outsource their IT services in Saskatoon.

Innovative Software

Do you need creative and advanced software solutions for your business

Intuitive Design

Do you need the best user experience for your systems

Competitive Edge

Are you looking to make your software stand out from the rest

Higher Performance

Do you need systems to make your business more effective

A Better Value Prop

Are your cumbersome processes costing you money

Measurable Impact

Are your existing applications lacking in impact

Are your existing applications lacking in impact

Do you need to connect systems and processes to get a company wide source of truth

High Quality Systems

Do you need software that will stand the test of time with thoughtful architecture

Free Updates & Support

Do you need support closer to home providing easy access and fast response

Get ready to stand out are 100% results-driven – this is our measure of success. You are our first priority and we work hard to give you the outcomes you deserve.


8 Years of Success

We are focused on delivering every software project on time, on scope, on budget. Each of our teams develops the products with customer’s success and business goals in mind.

You Are in Control

We empowers you with all the necessary means and tools to oversee and control your project! The transparency of project execution and ensured by consistent project planning and traceable processes.

Complete Flexibility

We have multiple options for engagement models, support, payment schedule. In case you need to increase or decrease the development team in amount or rate, we practice a flexible approach to this matter.

Consistent Quality

Standardized Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes allow us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. EinsIT commit to quality so no short cut that compromises quality.

End-to-End Development

Every project starts with business analysis and planning, undergoes all the vital stages like design, testing, development, deployment, and ends with a closure stage.

Qualified Specialists

Our company has over 15 software developers, test engineers, business analysts, project managers with strong expertise in 10 business domains.